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Why To Hire A Professional For Gas Line Installation and Repair

An experienced, around the house, handyman might turn his nose up at the idea of hiring a plumber to fix a simple PVC P-leak in a water line, but what about if it there is a problem with a gas plumbing line? It’s safe to say for a gas line, you will need to hire a qualified and experienced plumber to handle something that serious. Otherwise, you may end up in a dangerous situation, that could have been avoided, quickly.


Similar to water plumbing lines, gas lines carry natural gas or propane from the source into your home. This gas is sometimes supplied from a city service, or in the case of propane, from a supply tank. In both scenarios, the lines remain full. With a water line, if something goes wrong you are looking at a mess that may lead to water damage. However, with a gas line, if something is to go wrong, you can be in a very dangerous situation with extreme consequences.


Below are some main reasons, Red Lion Plumbing, is always the best choice for any gas installation, maintenance, or repair in your home:
-Special Knowledge: Just because someone has the basic knowledge required to place together pipes, water fittings, valves, etc. does not mean they are qualified to handle gas lines. This job requires a professional who is well verses in gas line specific knowledge.


-If Something Goes Wrong, The Stakes Are High: Gas leaks, unlike water leaks, are an emergency situation. Water does have the power to cause your home expensive damage but gas leaks can make your family fall ill- and that is best case scenario. Unfortunately, the real threat is that everything in your home, fireplace, water heater, stove, etc. become an immediate fire hazard. In some cases, you may even have the potential for an explosion. Rest easy, knowing Red Lion Plumbing used their skills and knowledge to properly address your home’s gas problem.


-Utility Company Requires Professional Repair: If the gas company has to shut off the supply of gas to your home because of a leak, there is a good chance they will not allow gas back into your home until it is proven that a professional has repaired the leak and given the go ahead for gas to come back into your home.

Gas Leak Repair in Spring TX
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