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Toilet Replacement in Spring TX

Often times, we will keep a toilet until we absolutely cannot get any more use out of it. The truth though, is that we spend a lot of time on our toilets. They are an investment in function and comfort. Below are a list of signs it may be time to throw out your old commode and explore your options for a new toilet:


Your Toilet Is Old: When it comes to toilets lots of people feel like, “If it is not broken, why fix it?” While we understand this logic, an outdated toilet has a high probability of being inefficient. This means unlike a new efficient toilet, your outdated toilet may be driving up the cost of your water bill. Older toilets use much more water per flush than newer toilets, go green and save your own green with a new water efficient toilet.


Cracked Toilet: Whenever you see water puddling around your toilet, this could be a sign that you have a crack in the tank of your toilet. Whenever you have cracks in your tank the best course of action is to replace your entire toilet. Call Red Lion Plumbing and we will assess your toilet to see if it is able to be repaired or if it is in need of replacement.


Unstable Toilet: If you feel your toilet rocking back and forth, or wobbling around, this is a sign of a problem. If you do not have a steady grounding on your toilet, it could be a simple fix, such as tightening some bolts to have it regain stability. However, a wobbling toilet could also be a sign that the floor beneath your toilet is damaged or rotting. If this is the case you will need it repaired by a professional as soon as possible.


Frequent Repair: If you are having to repair your toilet more than once every two years, it is time to replace your toilet. This will save you money in the long run and will provide you with a much more efficient toilet.

Toilet Replacement Services Spring TX

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