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Whole House Repiping Spring TX

Most older homes in Spring, TX were built using galvanized pipes for the plumbing. Galvanized pipes can be tricky because even when they are corroding, from years of usage or from an undetected leak, they can appear to be in excellent shape from the outside. This is because the outside of the pipe is never exposed to water, the inside of the pipe is where the corrosion takes place. When the inside of the pipe begins to clog with rust, it limits the pathways for the water. Over time this wears down the pipe, making it fragile and susceptible to bursting. Not only are corroded pipes bad because they weaken the pipe, it also can affect your home’s water pressure and can lead to an unpleasant smell coming from your home’s water. When leaks develop in galvanized pipes you are putting your home at risk for water damage that can lead to rotting wood and mold. Whenever your home’s pipes are corroded and old, repiping is the solution. Repiping is the process of removing the damaged and dated pipes with new, more efficient pipes.

Repiping House On Slab

Most homes built in and around the 1980s have a concrete slab foundation with soft copper pipes laid beneath. Before concrete is poured to make the slab the ends of the copper are bent up to mark where they will be attached to water lines and fixtures. The issue is lots of copper pipes that go through this process become kinked and dented- leading to more holes, which lead to leaks in your slab. If you notice a leak in your slab foundation take it seriously and reach out to us immediately to avoid more severe damage to your home.

Repiping House Through Attic

A very popular choice these days is to repipe your home through your attic when you experience a slab leak. This allows you to save your home’s foundation without having to jackhammer into it or cut a chunk out. If you have outdated piping we can discuss this as an option!

Repiping Experts Spring TX

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