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Signs You May Have a Gas Leak in Spring TX

It is common for many homes, especially older homes, to use natural gas in order to supply your home with warm air, hot water, and to fuel home appliances. Natural gas, is commonly mistaken as having a strong smell that will alert you immediately, however this is not the case. A natural gas leak, especially a small leak can be nearly impossible to detect. This is why utility companies now add mercaptan, a chemical with a strong sulphur smell, that makes it easier to detect a leak. Unfortunately, if the leak is small it still may be hard to detect.

The following is a list of signs you may have a gas leak:

Higher Than Normal Gas Bills: Whenever you have a gas leak,your home will use more than a normal amount of gas, raising the costs of your gas bill.

Rotten Egg Smell: Mercaptan as mentioned has a strong sulphur smell, which is often identified as smelling like rotten eggs.

Dead Plants in Your Home: Whenever you have a natural gas leak, it is not only toxic to the health of you, your family, and pets. It also is toxic for plants in your home.

Hissing Noise: If you hear a hissing or whistling sound coming from a gas line, this is a sign of a gas leak.

White Cloud: If you see a white cloud, blowing piles of dust, or bubbles forming in standing water, these are all potential signs of a gas leak in your home.

Depression: Natural gas leaks can affect your mental health as well as your physical health, resulting in changes in your personality such as depression.

Drowsiness and Fatigue: Feelings of lethargy and the inability to feel rested after a full night of sleep can be symptoms of a gas leak in your home.

Loss of Appetite: If you notice a sudden shift in your appetite, leading you to not feel hungry, or have to force yourself to eat, this could be a symptom of a gas leak in your home.

Physical Symptoms: There are a long list of symptoms natural gas poisoning can cause including headaches, labored breathing, chest pains, nose bleeds, flu like symptoms without a fever, dizziness and lack of equilibrium, and a ringing sensation in your ears.

If you are experiencing one or more of these signs, you may have a gas leak. Contact Red Lion Plumbing immediately to keep your family safe.

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