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At Red Lion Plumbing, we have over 40 years of working experience, making us experts in the world of plumbing. Let us help you with all of your plumbing needs by putting our experience and knowledge to the test! We are a family owned and operated business, which means we are all dedicated to empowering and continuing our strong standing reputation in the community. At Red Lion Plumbing we offer a comprehensive list of plumbing services to the community of Spring, TX, including:


Water Heater Services in Spring TX Whether you are having issues getting warm enough water in your home, have a leak, or need a full water heater replacement for your home or business, Red Lion Plumbing has got the solution for you. We are familiar with all brands of gas and electric water heaters and no the ends and outs when it comes to pilot light troubleshooting, thermocouple replacement, gas and electric thermostat replacement, electric heating element replacements, temperature / pressure valve replacement, gas piping repair, water piping repair


Whole House Repiping Services in Spring TX Sometimes, especially with older homes, when you are experiencing issues with the piping in your home, it makes more sense to replace the entire home’s piping. This is because the pipes in older homes are ticking time bombs for problems, once you start to have problems with some of the pipes it is just a matter of time before the problem spreads.


Toilet Repair and Replacement in Spring TX We can repair your existing toilet or help you choose a replacement toilet that works for your bathroom and your family.


Gas Leaks in Spring TX In the State of Texas, only licensed plumbers are authorized to work on gas lines. Gas is dangerous and gas leaks or gas line replacements should only be performed by a licensed plumber.


Faucet Leaks and Repairs in Spring TX If you are having an issue with a leaky faucet, water flow, or anything else, Red Lion Plumbing can help get you back on track!


Clogged Drains in Spring TX If you are experiencing a clogged drain, slow water release or have dropped a foreign object into a drain, call Red Lion Plumbing before the problem gets any worse!


Plumbers in Spring TX
At Red Lion Plumbing we have integrity, if you call us with a simple issue we are confident you can fix we will point you in the right direction- for everything else we offer service you can trust. Red Lion Plumbing proudly serves The WoodlandsMagnoliaTomballCypressSpringConroeMontgomery and surrounding areas.

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