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New Water Heater Installation in The Woodlands TX

Red Lion Plumbing technicians are experts of new water heater installation in The Woodlands TX.  Our staff is highly trained and certified to complete a new water heater installation in your home in the Woodlands, TX.  If your water heater is more than 8-12 years old, leaks around the base of the tank, and / or works erratically or not at all, it’s probably time for replacement.


Regular maintenance will extend the life of your water heater, and some repairs, such as replacing a pressure-relief valve or heating element are pretty simple. However, if you have a leak, if your water heater is older or you just wish to upgrade and cut your energy expenses, perhaps it is time for a new heater.


The most common problem that affects water heaters is mineral and sediment buildup. This is especially a problem in older water heater systems. As water is heated temperature lime, calcium, magnesium, and other minerals will deposit inside tank and on the burner. Over time the minerals build up and set a barrier that settles on the burner of your water heater preventing its complete function.  Most homeowners decide to replace the water heater when this happens. Red Lion will inspect your water heater and let you know which service is best. When it comes to keeping your water heater in excellent condition, or replacing it when needed there no one is better for the job than Red Lion Plumbing!


After the inspection, if we find a new water heater installation is needed, the highly knowledgeable Red Lion staff will you assist with the options available for new water heater installation.  Red Lion Plumbing offers a wide variety of repair and replacement options for new water heater installations we offer water heater replacement and repair of gas, electric and tank-less models.


If you’re in the Woodlands, TX and need new water heater installation, Red Lion plumbing is the best new water heater installation company working in the Woodlands, TX.  At Red Lion Plumbing we have integrity, if you call us with a simple issue we are confident you can fix we will point you in the right direction- for everything else we offer service you can trust. Red Lion Plumbing proudly serves The WoodlandsMagnoliaTomballCypressSpringConroeMontgomery and surrounding areas.



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