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Summertime is generally a time where homeowners have a slower pace and are awaiting the time for planned vacations.  At Red lion plumbing, we understand the limited time most homeowners during other times of the year. This is why we encourage all homeowners to get their plumbing needs done early in the summer.  A Small project like fixing a faucet or a larger one like whole house repipe, Red Lion plumbing is equipped to get the job done with little disruption to your home along with a great price.


There are several indications in plumbing that would warrant a whole house repipe.  When these factors are current, Red Lion plumbing recommends that you call us right away.  Many homeowners may face greater damage that isn’t recognizable to the naked eye. Here are some things to look for when a whole house repipe might be needed.


Consider the age of your home.  Most historic homes have older plumbing, which corrodes, decays or rusts over the length of decades.   Leaks create havoc in your home with multiple wet spots throughout your drywall. The most disturbing and costly damage is a water flood from weakened pipes that carry water and sewage from inside your home to out.  These kinds of issues contend with thousands of dollars of damage to your home both physical and belongings.


If your plumbing is over 20 years old, it is always safe to check your home for water leaks.  Homeowners save when precautions and prevention is considered. Ideally, Your local plumber should check for leaks throughout your home and provide an assurance that your home is leak free.


If your home is in need of whole house repipe or a precautionary leak test, contact the expert plumbers at Red Lion Plumbers.  Red Lion has served the citizens of Magnolia, Texas for decades. We understand the needs of homeowners in Magnolia. Red Lion plumbing is professional, certified and our plumbers are background checked for the most comfort and assurance a professional plumber with all the credentials arrive at your home ready to work.  Red Lion plumbing is considerate of your property. We go in to work whether it’s a repipe or small installation without causing any disruption to your home. Contact the experts at Red Lion Plumbing today.


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