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The process of installing a water heater is more complex today.  There are varying factors involved as well required materials. If you require a new water heater it is always a prudent idea to call on the services of a licensed, professional master plumber to install your new water heater.  A licensed, master plumber will arrive with all of the certified and correct parts, fittings, tools pipes to install you energy efficient water heater. Many professional plumber will remove your existing water heater and dispose of it as a part of their service.


Today, water heaters are far more efficient than years past.  This efficiency creates an complex installation for the average home owner.
In addition, choosing the right size, style and manufacturer can be difficult as well. There are hundreds of sizes and options available today. Fuel sources, energy efficiency, fast recovery, venting and anticipated demand are all factors that must be considered in order to determine the correct model for your hot water needs. The best and first step is finding a bonded professional master plumber to get the job done right.

Some master plumbers may be able to repair your water heater instead of replace it. If your water heater’s problem is diagnosed as a defective heating element or faulty valve, it can be fixed. A professional plumber’s experience is the difference between a minor repair and an unnecessary investment in a new water heater. Professional plumbers are licensed and bonded to ensure your safety. Most provide warranties covering each installation.


When it comes to new water heater installation in Spring, TX. Count on Red Lion Plumbing for the best service. Red Lion Plumbing has certified and fully trained plumber to install your new water heater.  Red Lion understands all the codes, rules and regulations for your area. Whether you choose, gas, electric or tank less, Red Lion Plumbing has a water heater to suit your home and budget.


If you’re in Spring, TX or one of the surrounding communities: Conroe, Cypress, Magnolia, Montgomery, Tomball and The Woodlands. Red Lion Plumbing can get the job done.



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