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Licensed Tomball TX Plumber Tips

Get a plumbing and heating inspection:
At Red Lion Plumbing we offer affordable plumbing inspections that can help save you from costly, high end repairs in the future. Plumbing inspections are beneficial homeowners because they provide you with valuable insight. During these inspection we are able to identify early signs of issues within your plumbing that are be beneficial to fix. Some issues we identify are pressing and must be handled immediately, while others you can hold off on for a bit. Once we have completed an inspection, we will provide you with a list of things that should be replaced or repaired. This also allows you to budget for the proper repairs.


Locate your water main shut off valve:

One of the first things you should do when moving into a new home is locate where your water main shut off valve is. This is so in the event of a plumbing emergency, you will know exactly where to go to cut off the water supply in your home. The last thing you need during an emergency pipe leak is to frantically search all around your house for a shut off valve. There is already a plumbing emergency, you do not want gallons and gallons of water flooding your home and destroying all of your precious belongings and damaging your home. You may find the main water shut off valve in the basement or crawl space below your house. The main shut off valve will shut off the water within the whole house very quickly and give you the proper time to address the problem without a rush of water filling your home.

Keep your shower drain clean:
Keeping your shower clean can go along way to avoiding serious plumbing problems. Do yourself a favor and take the small amount of time required to clear that hair and debris from the shower. Additionally, scheduling routine maintenance a few times a year can be beneficial to avoiding serious drainage problems down the road. There are also options you can invest in for very little that will serve as a filter for your drain and catch hair and other materials from going down the drain to cause clogs.


Avoid drain cleaners:
Instead of using highly toxic drain cleaners to unclog a pipe, contact Red Lion Plumbing. Many people do not realize that using these liquid drain cleaners can cause more damage to your pipes than they are worth. They also can be a safety concern in a home with small children. Ensure your pipes and loved ones are safe and that your pipes are unclogged efficiently with our help! We will work hard to get any problems in your plumbing fixed quickly and efficiently.

At Red Lion Plumbing we have integrity, if you call us with a simple issue we are confident you can fix we will point you in the right direction- for everything else we offer service you can trust. Red Lion Plumbing proudly serves The Woodlands, Magnolia, Tomball, Cypress, Spring, Conroe, Montgomery and surrounding areas.



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