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How to avoid a holiday plumbing Catastrophe The Woodlands TX

Plumbing works fine for years, faithfully filling, flowing and flushing. During the Holidays some owners experience the worst luck. Clogs and leaks occur and water can leak through your ceiling just before your guests arrive. Instead, of waiting for what could or may happen, Red Lion Plumbing wants you to learn what to do to avoid a last-minute crisis.


First, make sure that everyone at home knows the where the shut-off valves are and how to use them.  A shut off valve can stop the water flow and allow the leak to dry. However, don’t assume the leak is fixed by turning off the shut-off valve.  This only eliminates the water flow. Call a certified plumber to address the leak. Also, be sure to label a description of all shut-off valve. List its function and instructions for turning it off.


Shut-off valves can cut the flow of water to a single fixture, a portion of the water supply system, or the entire house. If the problem is with a single fixture, turning off its shut-off valve will allow continued use of other fixtures in your home.  With the water flow temporarily shut off; schedule a plumber’s visit during normal hours.


Home plumbing check ups also reduces the risk of an unexpected leak. Once or twice a year, schedule a plumber check if the main water shut-off valve and others are working properly in your home. The plumber will check exposed pipes, faucets and your water heater for leaks. They will inspect ceilings and walls for signs of water damage. This will determine leaks throughout your home.  If repiping is necessary your certified plumbing company will know and recommend the most affordable solution.


If you have a septic system, have it inspected as well. Install smoke and carbon monoxide detectors near your water heater and furnace. Keep all flammable and combustible materials away from your water heater. Dispose of grease or rendered-down fat in the trash; never pour it down a drain. Cover bathtub and shower drains with screens to prevent hair from clogging up their pipes. If a drain is completely clogged, do not use a drain cleaner — it probably will produce a large pool of highly caustic water. Call a plumber.


Before the winter months, cover pipes that run through an attic, crawl space, exterior walls, or unheated basement. If a certain section of pipe is highly susceptible to freezing, use electric heat tape to keep the pipe warm. All of these measures will ensure your pipe from freezing and possibly bursting.


During winter, use shut-off valves inside your home to turn off the water supply to outside spigots, remove hoses, and turn on the spigots to drain any remaining water from the pipes. If you will be away from home during winter, set your thermostat to 55 degrees never shut off the heart completely.


To prevent toilets from clogging, never flush paper towels, feminine products, disposable diapers, cat litter, hair, and other items can clog up your pipes. If possible install a small filter for you bathroom tubs and sinks this will prevent hair and other items from falling into your drain preventing clogging.  For the kitchen, always use your sink stopper it has holes that will filter food. Remember the warnings from you garbage disposer manual. Coffee grinds, uncooked rice and just about anything-hard clog the disposal and cause damage to the grinder.


If you miss these helpful instructions and a leak does occur.  Call a reputable certified plumber. Check their service record and years of experience. Choose a plumber that is licensed and insured. Make sure the company has performed background checks on their employees.   


When you hire Red Lion Plumbing for your residential or commercial plumbing needs in the Woodlands, TX,  you can expect customized, First Class Service that goes above and beyond what you might have learned to expect from other plumbing companies in The Woodlands, . We perform home plumbing checks for leaks and whole house repining.  Red Lion Plumbing replaces your hot water heater without disturbing your home environment.  Our company also checks and repairs gas and water leaks, replace kitchen and bathroom fixtures. Call Red Lion for all of your plumbing needs.

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