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Holiday Plumbing Tips in Montgomery County TX

The holidays are a time for sharing time with your family and spending quality time with loved ones, so that you can enjoy the holidays with those around you.  Whether you’re hosting a meal or just simply attending a holiday party as a guest, we hope the last thing you worry about is the plumbing system.


The expert technicians at Red Lion Plumbing saw a lot of clogged drains and garbage disposals issues during the holidays last year, so we’ve gathered a list to help you hopefully enjoy a clog-free holiday!


Grease is bad for your drains: If you plan on deep frying a turkey this year or cooking up some bacon, the grease should never end up down your drain.  Once the grease hits your drains and cools, it will instantly begin to clog up your drain and possibly ruin your disposal.


Mesh screens can help prevent issues with your drains: These small screens stop unwanted particles from going down your drain.  If you’re cooking in the kitchen, put a mesh screen in your sink and empty it once food particles get stuck. Additionally, it’s also a great idea to put a screen in your bathtub or shower to stop hair from clogging up your drains as well.


Your garbage disposal can’t do everything: Your disposal is best used to discard small particles that end up down your drain, not all of your scraps from dinner prep or the meal itself.  We advise you to throw these items in the trash can and NOT the garbage disposal:

Coffee grounds, meat, poultry, fish bones, egg shells, pasta, rice, breads, potatoes, apple peels, carrots, celery, asparagus, etc.


Only flush toilet paper and waste: The majority of toilet clogs come from items that were flushed and can’t quite make it out of the pipes.  This includes: ‘flushable’ wipes (that actually aren’t flushable), feminine products, paper towels, cotton swabs, facial tissues etc. If you’re hosting your friends and family, make sure you have an available trashcan near the sink or toilet and consider putting up a sign in the restroom that says only flush toilet paper.


If you are in need of any type of plumbing service in the Montgomery County, TX area, reach out to Red Lion Plumbing! We will come and assess your situation and work with you to find the best solution to your plumbing issue! Do not spend another day living with leaky pipes, low water pressure, or taking cold showers! Instead, pick up the phone and schedule an appointment with us today, especially with the holiday season upon us! Don’t let your house guests be inconvenienced by a clogged toilet or other plumbing problem, call us instead!


At Red Lion Plumbing we have integrity, if you call us with a simple issue we are confident you can fix we will point you in the right direction- for everything else we offer service you can trust. Red Lion Plumbing proudly serves The Woodlands, Magnolia, Tomball, Cypress, Spring, Conroe, Montgomery and surrounding areas.


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