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When Should You Call A Tomball TX Plumber


There are plenty of projects around your home that can be handled by yourself. However, certain tasks are too risky and expensive to take on without the help of a professional. Plumbing projects gone wrong can be a disaster for your home, your safety and bank account. Here are some of the following issues that when you encounter are better to leave in the hands of a professional plumber:

Busted Pipe

Busted pipes in your home can go from bad to devastating in a very short time frame. When a pipe bursts water can seep behind your walls and below your foundation- causing severe damage and very pricey repairs. The most common cause behind a pipe bursting is in the Winter when temperatures drop below freezing, pipes can expand to the point of breaking. It can also be difficult to find the source of the leak which leaves your home vulnerable to the water. An expert will be able to come in, find the source of the issue, ensure you don’t leave trapped water in sensitive areas and fix the pipeline.

Severe Clogs

Do you experience frequent blockage in your sinks, toilet or shower? There are at home chemical treatments to help with less severe cases of cloggage but these are not permanent solutions and can wear down the integrity of your pipes. If the problem is reoccurring you need professional help to reopen the pathways and keep your pipes in strong condition.

Cold Showers

If you aren’t getting enough hot water there is most likely an issue with the hot water heater. Dealing with a hot water heater on your own can be risky because temperatures get very high. Not only do you have the hot water to worry about causing an injury but also the steam can be intrusive enough to burn you.

Low Pressure

There are so many variables that go into determining the issue with the water pressure of your home that is makes it difficult to diagnose the problem on your own. It can be anything from the structure and design of your pipes to a city supply issue that needs to be addressed.

Major Appliances & Fixtures

Nothing is worse than picking out brand new appliances and fixtures for your bathroom and then having them damaged while trying to install them. Also, if you relocate appliances this will require rerouting water supply lines to match the new layout.

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