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Water Leaks in Tomball TX

Many homes experience water waste, which are commonly ignored but can add up quickly as a substantial problem. The most common source for these water leaks come from improperly sealed or damaged pipes, plumbing fixtures, and insecure pipe fittings. In one year, a home can lose anywhere from 2,000 to 20,000 gallons of water per year from unattended leaks in pipes.  Not only is this costing you money in your water bill, whenever a leak is not caught and repaired, it can lead to significant damage in your home.


It is important to repair a leak as soon as it is detected to avoid expensive repairs in the future, as well as avoiding water damage that can lead to mold and mildew. Whenever you detect a leak, contact Red Lion Plumbing as we will come out to your home, find the source of the leak and determine if there has been any damage from the water.


Leaky Pipes Tomball TX

We oftentimes see these water leaks occurring around bathtubs, showers, drains, sinks and toilets. While some leaks immediately make themselves known, such as a dripping faucet or a leaking puddle around your water heater, this is not the case with all leaks. Some lie dormant and can go undetected for years because the problem is hidden beneath the floors of your home, within the walls of your home, or underground.


If you become suspicious that you may have a water leak, or just would like to check your home to make sure there is not a water leak, there is a simple test to figure this out:


-Shut off all water-using appliances, this includes your dishwasher and washing machine.

-Go to your water meter and record the number.
-Wait at least 4 hours before using any water in your home, this may be easier to do during a work day to ensure you are not using any water.

-Check the water meter again, if the number has increased, this is an indication of a leak.


It is crucial to take care of these leaks as soon as you detect them. If this is not an obvious leak, you can contact Red Lion Plumbing. We will come out to your home or business, identify the source of the leak, determine if there has been water damage and effectively repair the leak.

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