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There are many different things that can go wrong with your toilet that lead to a problem. These problems most often arise from breaking pieces within the toilet’s tank or the actual toilet cracking or forming due to a foundation issue.


With constant vibrations and an insecure foundation, your toilets anchoring may shift around, leading to these cracks. These small cracks can also come from years of use, or being clogged with materials that may harm the structure.


Many other factors can lead to your toilet needing a repair or replacement, including previous repairs that were not properly handled, or improper amounts of weight being shifted around abruptly or quickly.


A common problem with toilets is that the cracks that are causing the damage may not always be visible. You may find that you are regularly walking into a bathroom that has a pool of water surrounding your toilet bowl with seemingly no reason. This is most likely because the toilet is made of porcelain, a material that is easily damaged when hit or dropped


Unfortunately, many times the crack in the toilet can’t be seen, so this means you’ll wind up with a pool of water on the floor regularly that seems to have no cause. The commode is likely made of porcelain, so it is a material that can get damaged if hit or dropped.


Whenever you have a leaky toilet, not only will you see higher expenses reflected on your water bill you may be subject to other damages that come with a hefty price tag, This is because leaking water can lead to damaged flooring, rusty and corroded pipes, rotting wood, mold and more.


Red Lion plumbing is here for all of your toilet repairs! Whether you have a leaky toilet that leaves puddles in your bathroom, a toilet that runs all day, or one that you constantly have to plunge, we have the solution for you! With decades of experience serving the communities around us, we are prepared to get your toilet back in functioning order as soon as possible!



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