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How To Get Rid of Hard Water in The Woodlands TX

Whenever the water in our homes has a high amount of mineral content, such as, magnesium and calcium, it is referred to as hard water. While hard water typically does not pose any dangerous health effects on those who use it, it can damage your home. This is because hard water leaves limescale deposits anywhere that it is in regular contact with, Limescale deposits are difficult to remove and can ruin pipes in your home, clog faucets, and damage sinks and tubs.  


If you are concerned that your home is being affected by hard water, Red Lion Plumbing is here to treat your issue.


What Causes Hard Water in The Woodlands TX?

The water that is supplied to most of our homes is hard water, Since, as previously mentioned, hard water does not pose any threats to our health, most of the time it is ignored as harmless and goes untreated. However, this is problematic because limescale deposits are left along the pathways of your water supply pipes. This will leave a hard crust in its place, narrowing the pathways and damaging your pipes. Additionally, this causes the same crusty build up to occur in your faucets, bathtubs, kitchen appliances, and more.


How Can You Fix Hard Water in The Woodlands TX?

If you go to the store you will easily find dozens of products that claim to take care of lime scale build up. Unfortunately, these rarely are strong solutions and do not treat the source of the issue, instead they treat the build up inside of your tubs, sinks, and occasionally faucets. This is not a long term solution and cannot treat the insides of your waterline pipes.


A better solution is a small electrical appliance, known as a water softener. Water softener connects your main water supplies and neutralizes the excess of minerals in your water, filtering the hard water into soft water. The plumbers of Red Lion Plumbing are experts when it comes to installing water softeners. Do not live with limescale build up, or damaged pipes, get the solution you need with Red Lion!


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