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Hot Water Installation and Repair Services

Hot Water Heater Services

The certified plumbing technicians at Red Lion Plumbing are the experts of The Woodlands TX when it comes to water heater installation and repair services. Our staff is highly trained and knowledgeable when it comes to helping our clients choose the best options for their home, family, or business. We offer a wide variety of repair and replacement options for all types of water heating solutions in your space, including:


  • Gas hot water heaters
  • Electric hot water heaters
  • Tankless water heaters
  • Commercial and residential water heater service

    Why Would I Need Water Heater Repair?

    The most common problem we find that affect water heaters in your space is mineral and sediment buildup. This is especially a problem in older water heater systems. Whenever your water heater rises the temperature of your water, limescale, calcium, magnesium, and other minerals will deposit on the sides of the tank and the burner. These minerals will begin to accumulate, forming a barrier of sediment that will settle on the burner of your water heater if not properly filtered out of your water heater. When it comes to keeping your water heater in excellent condition, no one is better for the job than Red Lion Plumbing! Schedule a water heater inspection or water filtration service with us today!


    Not only will we inspect your water heater for sediment build up, we also will check your systems burner. The flame of your water heater should be blue with yellow tips, this is an indication that it is functioning properly. If the flame appears to be more yellow-orange than blue and yellow, this means the flame is not getting hot enough. When the flame is not hot enough it can lead to decreased quality in performance and in some cases may also produce carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide can be lethal and should be taken very seriously! Do not gamble with the safety of your family, instead contact Red Lion Plumbing today for peace of mind!


    When Should I Replace My Water Heater?

    While every water heaters lifespan will be different, as a reflection of their use and upkeep, the average hot water heater will last somewhere between eight to twelve years. Somewhere around this time, your hot water heater will become less efficient and more vulnerable to failing. Many people do not replace their water heaters until they have completely broken down and are not performing their task at all. This is not always the best decision though, as there are benefits to upgrading your water heater before it completely stops working!


    Water heaters can use as much as 25% of your homes energy. This means, as they age they become less efficient and the amount of energy they use will only begin to rise. This will be reflected in your electricity bill!



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    At Red Lion Plumbing we have integrity, if you call us with a simple issue we are confident you can fix we will point you in the right direction- for everything else we offer service you can trust. Red Lion Plumbing proudly serves The Woodlands, Magnolia, Tomball, Cypress, Spring, Conroe, Montgomery and surrounding areas.



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