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Types of Plumbing Leaks That Require A Professional

We all rely on our plumbing, every single day to get us through our normal lives. Each time, we use a sink, a toilet, a drain- we are tapping into an elaborate network of supply and waste lines throughout your home that bring water into your home, then carry it out. Whenever something goes wrong with even one of these pipes, it can cause a huge breakdown in the system that needs to be addressed immediately.


Some leaks may be easy for you to fix at home, such as is, if a  PVC P-Trap under your sink separates, you can glue it back together pretty effortlessly. But what about for the more complex scenarios? Here is a list of leaks that require professional help:


-Buried Sewer Lines: Whenever you have a soft, moist spot in your lawn or a sudden pool of water on the concreted areas of your property- this could be a sign that you have a serious plumbing issue. Call a professional to come and analyse your situation because they are more likely to be able to pinpoint what is going on and can figure out the best places to dig without destroying your entire property.


-Copper Supply Pipes: Unlike when a PVC pipe has an issue, that you can easily remedy with glue- leaky copper pipes are more difficult. Copper supply pipes require soldering to be fitted and sealed. Soldering requires many expensive tools, supplies, and extensive knowledge to handle properly. If not done properly, soldering can be dangerous and can leave your home with more problems than you started with. Leave this to the professionals at Red Lion Plumbing.


-Strange Smells: If suddenly your home is overwhelmed with natural gas smells, sulfur, or any other unpleasant strange smell, call Red Lion Plumbing. There are countless reasons why your house may be taking on these strange smells, such as, gas leaks, water leaks and contaminants. Some of these reasons can be dangerous to your health and/or your home and should be addressed by a professional as soon as possible. 


-Natural Gas Leak: Natural gas has a strong an obvious smell. Gas companies purposefully do this to protect you against the dangers of gas leaks. If you have a leak, you need to fix it right away to keep your family and home safe. Call your gas company, have them disconnect service and then call Red Lion Plumbing!


Pipe Leak Repair in Magnolia TX

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