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Garbage Disposal Replacement in Conroe TX

A lot of people wonder, how long does a garbage disposal last, or how will they know when it is time to replace one? This is why we have created a list of signs that it is time to replace your garbage disposal below:


Frequent Clogs: If you are doing all you can to properly treat your garbage disposal, such as always running water during use, only disposing manufacturer approved items (small pieces of biodegradable particles), cutting larger items into small pieces and slowly dropping them in- and you are still having frequent clogs, you may need a replacement. Not only could this be the sign your disposal is not working properly, it may also be a sign that you have a disposal that is not large enough for your household’s needs. Upgrade with Red Lion Plumbing today to get the most from your disposal.


You Are Stuck With Rotten Smells: If you have a lingering smell, coming from your garbage disposal this may be a sign that it is time for an upgrade. If you are looking for a quick fix to rid your home of the odors you can clean your disposal with citrus peels, ice cubes, or vinegar. These are all safe and easy solutions. However, depending on the condition of your disposal, these may only work as temporary solutions.


Dull Blades: Whenever the blades in your garbage disposal become dull, it will no longer function properly. This is a very common source of clogged drains, because the disposal is not able to break the particles up to a small enough state to pass them down the drain.


Constant Resetting: If you have put a large amount of particles down the disposal it is not uncommon to need to reset the disposal. However, if you find you need to reset your disposal more often than not, this is a sign that it is outdated and time for a replacement model.


Conroe TX Garbage Disposal Installation

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